Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Smoky Chorizo and Artichoke Pasta

Scott was doing a strict raw food diet for many months and decided to slowly come out of his diet by introducing a few animal protein for his lunch (he still takes smoothies in the afternoon and at night). He likes salmon, tuna steak or any fish, and occasionally would have meat. I was in a rush for an after lunch appointment  last week, so I planned on throwing in artichokes on the pasta. The chorizo was just an after thought when I realized that it needed a bit more sustenance and I have a few left-over in the fridge.

If you are entertaining but you don't have the luxury of time (yet you still want to impress your guests), this is the pasta to prepare. It will be bring out your inner Nigella (hopefully, sans the choking -- ok, that wasn't funny).

Just sauté the chorizo, onions and garlic in the artichoke's olive oil marinade. The chorizo already has oil so make sure that you don't put a lot. Add the artichoke, boiled pasta, and half a cup of pasta water (the water that you used to boil the pasta). Toss. Add pepper, add a dash or cayenne pepper, parsley and paprika. That's it!

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