Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy ever after starts here..

Here are some pictures of our traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony. I woke up at 6am that morning to do my own hair and make up. And, since I practiced doing it many times and timed the whole process to an hour, I was still able to over see the venue and arrange for the dogs to be walked (yes! the dogs hehe..). The monks  came on time and the boys, in spite of their mini-stag party the night before, was able to pull themselves together and put on their kilts. My family however was staying in a nearby hotel and came fashionably late (typical Pinoy lol!). The monks chanted for half an hour and even if I didn't understand anything, I know that God was with us that day.

The ceremony was so solemn and beautiful (although it was a challenge not to point your toes on the monk while sitting on the floor, doing it would be considered rude). They blessed us with holy water and we held hands and offer merits. One monk who spoke perfect English went up to us after the chanting and blessed our married life with happiness..that moment still brings tears to my eyes up to now. It took a lot of will power not to hug that monk because women are not allowed to touch them.

After the chanting we went on the kneeler and my Tates (dad) placed a garland on Scott to welcome him to our family and Scott's mum did the same to me. Each of our family and friends then poured water to our hands and offered a blessing.

Champagnes were popped and our help served salmon and cream cheese canapes that she made and mini quiches from Lady pie. And I.. became officially, Mrs. Apple Nuevas-Kilgour.

Chillax mode

I know, I know.. I should have gone back to blogging about what happened on our wedding but I was swamped with all the trappings of marital "bliss" (a.k.a. maid not showing up, one dog got into an accident yada yada yada..) right after the wedding weekend. Talking about the honeymoon stage being a flash in the pan. I personally prefer the French version "un feu de paille" (no, i don't speak French and yes i just Googled that), it does sound romantic. But not really. 

poor Manny!

So alas, the last thank you notes were sent. We organized the maid situation, for now. And the dog's stitches are already healed. I have finally found the time to sit down and write again.


 We might not have a 'real' honeymoon..but a honeymoon doesn't make a marriage and at least we will have a lifetime to make up for it :P

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