Monday, April 13, 2009


James and John ( Scott's friend from Phuket) are here in Manila to do business in behalf of Scott..we bought a grill many months ago for weekend barbeques but never got to use it. So we took advantage of having the boys over to man the soot, coal and smoke..below are some smokin' dinner (excuse the pun) we shared in their stay..

(Sausage, chop and fried rice with spinach and oyster sauce)

(Kiting providing the entertainment..we have quiet fine taste with the food, the wine and the music but how come the men didn't even bother to wear shirts!! hahaha!!)
( Seriously! the conversation can get a little rowdy!..ehem.. gay!)

(Grilled lamb chops, mashed potatoes and greens)

( The lamb is from Australia by the way..message us for orders..we also have steaks!)

( Good boy john tidying up after..)