Friday, May 15, 2009

feel a quickie?

just some more quick fat burning exercise!! :) enjoy!

metabolism booster

feel bloated and lethargic after pigging out? try this simple exercise so you don't have to be guilty burning those calories that you just had! :)

sexy legs

man!! i have been dreaming of getting my sexy legs back..i hope this exercise will help!

Core exercises

i've been trying to lose weight this month and here are some exercises that i want to share to you all.

Monday, April 13, 2009


James and John ( Scott's friend from Phuket) are here in Manila to do business in behalf of Scott..we bought a grill many months ago for weekend barbeques but never got to use it. So we took advantage of having the boys over to man the soot, coal and smoke..below are some smokin' dinner (excuse the pun) we shared in their stay..

(Sausage, chop and fried rice with spinach and oyster sauce)

(Kiting providing the entertainment..we have quiet fine taste with the food, the wine and the music but how come the men didn't even bother to wear shirts!! hahaha!!)
( Seriously! the conversation can get a little rowdy!..ehem.. gay!)

(Grilled lamb chops, mashed potatoes and greens)

( The lamb is from Australia by the way..message us for orders..we also have steaks!)

( Good boy john tidying up after..)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Discerning travelers looking for unique places to stay in the Subic Bay area will be delighted to discover Segara Villas, an intimate boutique hotel that provides personalized service and luxurious amenities. Located at a secluded spot by the waterfront away from the noise and crowds, yet close enough to nightspots if you wish to venture out, Segara offers ten stylishly designed modern Asian villas ideal for a honeymoon or a romantic weekend.

The spacious villas are decorated in modern Balinese interiors, with spacious in-suite bathrooms. High ceilinged rooms, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and pocket gardens are an ode to resort living, combining a nature-inspired ambience and first-rate amenities.

The details of the rooms and their special services, such as luxurious honeymoon packages, are personally attended to by the owners. Opened in late 2008, it has already been attracting a steady upscale market, mostly couples and young families, who are looking for a quiet getaway in a modern environment.

Luxurious and spacious villas

Two kinds of villas are offered: Executive rooms, 70 sq. m. loft-style rooms, or Junior Suites, 57 sq. m. single level rooms. All rooms have been carefully furnished to evoke distinctive moods from romantic to playful to urban. They are decorated with Asian objects, rich fabrics, and natural textures carefully placed to personalize the space—making no two rooms alike—and giving you the feeling of staying at a friend’s well-furnished guest room. Each villa has ample living space for eating or lounging, that you may never feel the need to leave your room.

Utmost importance has been placed on providing a host of conveniences for the modern traveler, including flat screen LCD TV and DVD player, iPod dock speakers, 24-hour wireless broadband Internet connection, generous King-sized beds, and 600-thread count linens. They also offer the Indulge Me Room, where you can purchase their signature line of bath and body products, choose your desired kind of special pillow from their pillow menu, and choose from their array of DVDs or boardgames.

A serene destination

Segara Villas is a destination in itself. The hotel architecture is refreshingly different with its spa-like ambience and villa-style setup. As you enter the open-air lobby, delightful springs of water greet you and instantly take you away from the concerns of daily life. Stimulating artworks hand painted by local artists adorn the reception area. All throughout the property are beautiful artifacts collected from all around Southeast Asia, creating a haven of serenity.

They also ensure that the body as well as the soul is nourished during your stay. Upon arrival, guests are treated to a complimentary relaxing hand or foot massage in our open-air cabana. In-room massage services can also be arranged with the concierge. The in house restaurant Asian Spices offers an array of excellent Southeast Asian dishes from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. At the end of the day, chill out by their 200- sq. m. pool at sunset, where relaxing lounge music plays at the pool bar.

Segara Villas

Waterfront Road,

Subic Bay Freeport Zone,

Philippines 2222

Tel Nos: +63.47. 252.8632 /33

Mobile No: +63.921.330.8024



Thursday, January 29, 2009

Penang: food fest

Penang is popular among Malaysians for a huge variety of local food such as Char Kyaw Teow Penang Laksa, and Nasi Kandar, which are found practically everywhere on the island. One can easily go around the old town riding these rickshaws but i opted to walk instead enjoying the cold January breeze.

Walking around George Town you can see a lot of these "cafe" as the locals call it. Each establishments house different food stalls that serve varied kind of dishes.. from roast duck to dimsums and rice toppings.. although there are a few massive food centers that i saw in the area, i decided to try a small authentic, old-school looking cafe..

A chinese woman persistently wanted me to try her porridge for breakfast and i get to choose all these ingredients to go along with it.

This is how it looks in the interior, these school children were enjoying their coffee with condensed milk paired with kaya toast or toasted bread with soft boiled egg.

I also tried one of these egg tarts and it taste really great! the crust is very very light and not flaky and and so is the tart and it even had a hint of lemon on it..

Scott wanted a roti that is curry flavored so i got this chicken masala for him from an indian stall it was served with boiled potatoes and eggs with a hot and spicy sauce..

When i saw the sign Char Kway Teow..i thought I got to have it! Char Kway Teow as i was told after literally "fried flat noodles", it is a popular noodle dish in Malaysia and Singapore. Fried over very high heat with light and dark soy sauce, chili, prawns, egg, bean sprouts and Chinese chives. Sometimes slices of Chinese sausage and fish cake are added. It is fried in pork fat, with crisp croutons of pork lard, which give it its characteristic smoky taste.

Penang's Roti

Penang's old town consist of rows and rows of shops and restaurant. The province is famous among Malaysians as the country's food capital. George Town is abound with Indian, Chinese and Malay eateries.

Since Malaysia was once colonized by the British, English signs such as the one above are everywhere.

I was walking early in the morning looking for a bakery where I can buy their famous english biscuits to bring home for friends when I stumbled into a shop called Manna selling all sorts of bread.

See how this store looks so inviting from the outside.. i swear the smell also put me in trance and the next time i knew i was already in salivating on the goodies..

my favorite coffee bun! yum! reminds me of bread talk only the breads are not sold in mass produced mall outlets but in a very quaint and cozy shop where the owner takes time to talk to all the in our hometown's panaderia.

the usual turnover and pies

I got the floss bread with egg which Scott also liked.

One customer swore on these cheese loafs. But i already had my floss and my coffee bun so i passed on it..hmm..regrets, regrets! :(

Bacon and sausage filled bread.

Their version of ham and egg sandwich but these ones have ham and a soft boiled egg on top.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Penang In a Day

Scott and I went to Penang last January to sort out his Thai visa. We arrived there around 8pm and went straight to the hotel in George Town that we reserved in advance . There was little if no activity in the city at all. I later learned that stores and shops closed at 6pm!

This is the view from our hotel room. I had no idea how quaint and beautiful the old part of George Town is until the next day when we had a short tour.

These are turn of the century buildings preserved and turned into shops and offices in the city's center.

And they also have massive colonial style mansions in residential part of George Town

And Penang is also one of UNESCO's World Heritage Site because of how they beautifully preserved their old of which is the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion..

(Built in the 1890s, and restored in the 1990's (earning it an UNESCO award in 2000), this indigo-blue Chinese Courtyard House in George Town was the main residence of Cheong Fatt Tze, known as the 'Rockefeller of the East' and 'J.P. Morgan of China'. Cheong was a prominent, successful Hakka Chinese merchant who demonstrated his business ability after marrying into a wealthy family, founding the Chang Yu Winery and ending the segregation of Chinese from Europeans on passenger ships. The mansion was built according to feng shui principles by master craftsmen brought in from southern China, who used their skills to fashion a sprawling mansion with 38 rooms, 5 granite-paved courtyards, 7 staircases, and 220 windows. The mansion features in various films including the 1993 Oscar-winning Indochine.-facts from )

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Phuket: Market! Market!

Going to the market is exciting or at least i am excited the way it shows in the picture above. I took that one while i was riding at the back of a bike..

(that's my ride with my friend Dow)

Like Filipinos, Thai do not have the concept of 3 meals in a day..snacking is big with them. So, i went to check on the 'munchies'..let me give you a tour..

Color coded dimsums anyone? the greens have mushroom on it and then yellow ones are plain pork, above it are shrimps and tofu..

These are mussel fritatas which you will have a choice of hot vinaigrette as sauce or the extra hot sweet chili sauce above...word of caution, they are all very hot so its not much of a choice.

Can you imagine walking with a plate of sunny side upped quail eggs!? that's total and massive cholesterol overloading!!

What is a pancake? in this side of the world..that is a pancake for them..folded batter of flour with 7 whole eggs in it!! and it is served with margarine and sugar on top!! it almost felt like home except for the whole egg concept!!

Dow and her sister buying hot chili crab meat noodles..she said its her favorite. wish i took some pictures of it.

Best satay i ever had!! love the chili peanut sauce!! and its only 10 baht for 7 sticks!!

And they also have sausages and balls (hehehe..) on a stick like in the Philippines, except that instead of banana ketchup, they let it swim in sweet chili sauce like in the picture..

These are steamed dried fish flakes with rice and bean sprouts..

And of course, the noodles..phad thai, phad si yeuw kai etc..infact, i should dedicate a whole entry only for phad si yeuw kai :P

till next time!!

Phuket: Sticky But Sweet

Desserts in Thailand almost always means rice cakes or anything with coconut milk or both and they are always too sweet.. i dunno..hmm..maybe for my taste perhaps but there are some which can really make you forget your name :P

(that's their own version of puto or steamed rice flour)

(these are like biko and pichi pichi)

Nakakalola!! i don't know na what to buy!! hehehe!! can i buy them all!!

these 2 pics above look sooo colorful and cute and it matches with a coconut drink pa see!!.. :)

Ok, now i'm officially hungry.. i cannot take it anymore.. so i got myself..guess what? hehehe banana fritters! because they are simply my favorite.. (refer to earlier post).

So now that i am munching on something.. i can take a look pa and found an interesting variance of coconut milk flavored with just about anything..

Coconut milk with banana

Coconut milk with corn and tapioca pearls..naks!! sago lang yan!

Coconut milk with eggs..may ganun!! ano naman kaya ang lasa?!!

Coconut milk with langka/ jackfruit

At!! voila...ang ginataang durian (Coconut milk with durian) !! waah!! amoy pa lang kalowka na!!

They also have crushed sugar cane to refresh you from walking in the heat but i bought these fried sweet balls that tasted like buchis!! the plane one got a yellow yam inside and the other one has sweet red beets.. interesting taste :)

(By the way, those are my pudgy hands pointing at the food )

They have coconut meat inside and they are supposed to be yum! i regret not buying them :)
But i brought back to the apartment the authentic sticky rice..

And this is how it looks when i finally plated it, waiting to be devoured!! The sweetest mango i ever tasted!! What's my name by the way? hehehe! corny!