Friday, December 26, 2008

My Christmas Dinner part 3

The duck is beautifully roasting and i prepared the carrots and brocollis to add some reds and greens to the table. Couple of minutes after we were enjoying our meal with chardonnay in the veranda.

Scott and James enjoying Christmas Dinner home away from home

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My (not so ) Thai Christmas Dinner part 2

So, after the boys huddled on what to do for dinner..actually googling recipe on the duct (thanks jaime oliver!).. the menu was finally settled : for appetizer, we would have sour cream, salmon and caviar. main course would be: roasted duck with potatoes and carrots.

so, while james went to the deli to get the rest of the stuff that we were not able to find in tesco..we prepared the chicken and onion stock simmering it in low heat.

the stock is what we will use for the gravy later..

while all these are cooking up ( literally)..james prepared our starters

those were sliced baguette with sour cream and smoke salmon..the salmon were really melts in your mouth

we just add caviar on top and these are really smokin' good stuff..

and these were the ones that i made..aren't they pretty!!!

apart from the stock we also prepared the potatoes and carrots and the stuffing

crumbs that we will add oranges, onions and also we prepared an onion, lemongrass, garlic rub.

so few minutes before the duck goes to the oven, we already poped the champagne! james is manning the kitchen and i'm blogging hehe! Merry Christmas everybody!

p.s. hey! that's the command center over there! the man is with his champagne and football! be continued (the final presentation and the actual dinner :) )

My Thai Christmas Dinner part 1

Surely Pinoy Xmas is the merriest there spending Christmas in a Buddhist country is not an altogether bad idea but its kinda surreal and different.

One, there are no kids pestering you for coins after they return over an over again to your house singing the same Christmas carol.

Or, i dont smell any powder smoke from firecrackers, in fact it was relatively quiet (except for an occasional firework display) last night.

But, i'm spending it with Scott and his friend James (both don't believe in Jesus by the way, but insisted on putting up traditions) so a Christmas dinner will take place lechon or leche flan or lengua or anything like that. James is cooking so.. it is sort of like the best English Christmas dinner we can come up with.

First of, we have to do some Bang Tao, Tesco supposedly has it all. But they actually don't.

that's james looking for gets a bit confusing really with the thai characters and no english translation.
needless to say, we didn't find any cream for the the broccolis. and the pork did not look good either so we settled for roast stuffed duck, potatoes, carrots other veggies..should be good!