Thursday, November 20, 2008


o1. What are your nicknames?

apple is my second name and i thought tweaking it a bit would make me sound i changed it to 'apol'..hmm, one of my early pitfalls i made me sound like a retard who cannot spell..

people (read: pinoy in general) would call me 'pol' but in writing would spell it as 'ple' mum, on the other hand, would call me /ple/

distinctively, i was called nunal..still is to those few who knew me from before. i wrote a blog about the much ado national television coverage of my mole operation therefore i am now called n0-nal for obvious reasons.

jopol, apolei are also identified to my character...hey! they also call me bakla and bogart pla!

o2. How do you style your hair?

attempt to towel dry, combing is totally dependent on my mood or my memory (if i remember to do it) or the visibility of a comb..then tie it with a band.. its a no fuss glamour actually..maybe i'm just born with it.. hehehe

o3. What song have you discovered lately?
here i am to worship..

o4. How many colors are you wearing now?
3-green, red and white.. thank god i don't look xmassy

o5. Are you an introvert or extrovert?
closet intro

o6. What was the last book you read?
moab is my washbasin by stephen fry, tuesdays with morrie and eat, pray, love

o7. Do you nap a lot?
not recently, but i love napping

o8. If the person you secretly like is already taken, what would you do?
i think i am at the point in my life when letting go of a thing or person or an opportunity that is not meant for me is a whole lot easy to accept. i have bigger fights to win..

o9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
unhappiness is a necessary evil to appreciate happiness and joy

1o. What was the last thing you ate today?
pancit canton, the real deal not the instant one and yummy too!

11. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
15 mins max..

i shower longer than i get dress

12. What websites do you visit daily?
Gmail, LJ, Facebook, google reader, yahoo mail, blogspot.. google reader saves me a lot of time in getting my daily dose of food and design blogs..perezhilton, businesspundits etc..

13. What classes are you taking right now? and if you're not in school anymore, what's your job?
learning to be a princess.. :P

14. Do you like to clean?
clean yes, getting things back in order no..i like a healthy dose of kalat..

15. What's the last song that got stuck in your head?
single ladies by beyonce

16. What's the last movie you saw?
august rush on dvd

17. What's better: eternal love or memorable love?
eternal, hands down..memories have the higher risk to be lost..

18. What would you do if you see $100 lying on the ground?
pay my water bill!! man!! we have a leak! and i almost fainted when i saw our bill, seriously!! huhuhu!!!

19. Best time of your life?
watching rome, snuggling while having peppermint tea

2o. Tell me something good.
Jesus saves