Tuesday, August 19, 2008

kusina salud part 3. the food

in case you want to skip the other aspects of my Kusina Salud story, i wrote this part last so that it will serve`that very purpose.

casual dining may seemed to be the order in Kusina Salud and but there was nothing casual in the preparation and choice of produce used in the Filipino dishes offered to us.

this lumpiang ubod (P130) is so crispy with the perfect slices of ubod and sinamak vinegar to compliment it

we were served with whole grain brown rice (P35)..i have been skipping rice but i cannot resist this one.

the pinakbet (around p150), i suspect is from the old menu way back when the restaurant was still in Baguio but it is yum too!

this seafood tinola (p275) was really good and perfect for the heavy rain while we were there..i cannot remember having malunggay for a very long time!! this one really tasted like home

the one on the left is enchiladang pako (fern) was also a yummy surprise..it has tomatoes, red onions and grated cheese which reminds you of a mexican taco.

a close up of the beef dish above.. it tasted like pochero including the bananas on it but sans the tomato sauce. nevertheless, it tasted really good!

they are also introducing new dishes to their menu..this is the duck dish in tanglad (lemongrass) sauce

this is fried hito salad with mango.. reminds you of a thai catfish salad without the over-powering spices..

they call this chicken dish chinoy (single serving p55) because..its actually a take of the traditional fried chicken with garlicky sauce

this one is called patatim (p305) because its crispy pata with tim sauce

the banana turon ala mode..one of my favorite dessert i wrote a blog about this before

chef paul poblete attending to us..he is the one responsible for all the yummy food..(i'm salivating now by just thinking bout the food again)

details on the restaurant location is in the 1st installment of series

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kusina Salud part 2. the company

i forgot how fun KST (kay susan tayo) road trips were till i joined the crew in Southern Tagalog adventure of viaje del sol

on the road with rommel a.k.a barack obama

nge!!! ali, riz and tetet..

kutohan portion (that was ali's idea)..

with favorite talents albert and may

albert doing the opening

busy-busyhan muna

for the segment on the trip..watch kay susan tayo every on sunday @ 10.30am in your kapuso network, gma7

kusina salud part 1. the place

tetet, my producer friend from my former show kay susan tayo called me up last friday and asked if i wanted to join the first installment of the viaje del sol segments that the show will feature..so being kaladkarin, i said, "go lang ng go".

we left Manila at exactly 7am and headed south. our first stop was Kusina Salud. the restaurant (click here for exact location map) is a charming environment created with the eclectic taste by filipiniana fashion designer Patis Tesoro.

Photos of the compound's cafe where they serve breakfast and snacks and it also holds an antique shop and day spa.

the place is originally a vacation home for the famous designer. it is filled with old world treasures. resembling an old provincial Filipino home, it looks like a deconstructed Pinoy house with quintesennial features like the stairs or hagdanan and the capiz shell windows.

buddhas are also recurring fixtures that add a distinct asian touch to the whole place.

an antique ice shaver..

Kusina Salud
makes a very interesting day trip if you are looking for a new place to discover near Manila and we are not talking about the food yet..

Sunday, August 3, 2008

my new favorite things

we just finished doing the catalogue pictorial for HomeMavericks last week..

this is a gorgeous steel and blackstone dining table with bronze detail on top..its modern and it seats 4 comfortably..and look at the leather napkin holder and the wine pourer on the bottle of wine!!!
This is a nice wine rack that's perfect for my tatay's new bar..

and scott's dad who golfs in gleneagles every weekend would surely love this!and really nice outdoor furniture for someone's veranda!! yey!