Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I want my virginity!!! (dessert hunted)

i am now convinced that you will find what you are looking for in the least expected moment.. Maggie and I had a meeting for one of our projects in Manila, the meeting started early and was supposed to end early. But we decided to meet with one of the supplier who will be coming in the afternoon.. so instead of waiting in Manila Hotel for 2 more hours, we checked out Robinson's Manila instead.

While walking aimlessly in the newly renovated mall... a serendipitous moment happened and i found Sucree! well i know its supposed to be there but I just completely forgot about it. I completely forgot that for the last 3 weeks.. i was obsessing on one of their cakes that I even wrote a blog about it. Well it all started with me dieting and having to eat just 1 dessert a week so i thought dessert comes first's Manila's 10 best Dessert would help me out in maximizing my once a week indulgence. In a series of unfortunate events as written in my previous blog I vowed, that I will not settle for anything less than the top 10 best..that is why this afternoon, infront of Sucree i was screaming.. i want my VIRGINITY!!!!

and there you have it folks!! the last picture below being the-cake-formerly-known-as-virginity!! (or the remnants of it) ..it was light, heavenly, fluffy, not so sweet with a tinge of caramel..yummy!!]


Maggie on the other hand ordered for a Fertility cake.. now this one is out and out dark chocolate..
and its really good too..

Monday, June 16, 2008

mad cow

i hate waste when it comes to preparing food and i love dishes that uses the 'odd' parts of an animal like the marrow..or tongue or pork's ear for sisig and the chiken liver or a chicken's heart or pwet (ass). And i love ox brain! i love to eat it with bread. and that's just what i had when earvin invited me to check this relatively new eatery in morato named grilled tomato. i was curious enough to tag along.

i usually order ox brain whenever i can and it was available that night so i wanted to have it with pita bread. i was a bit disappointed when it was served fried and cooked well done. that time i had no idea how to prepare the brain, only that i knew that it should not be fried. and so i went home and searched the net on how an ox brain should be prepared though i suspected that it is boiled with a dash of salt for seasoning and served with lemon or kalamansi to mellow the 'fishy' or in this case 'brainy' taste.

What i had thought to be an easy task proved me wrong. i typed ox brain recipe on the search box and browsing 4 google search pages after i still did not see any recipe. i tried these search words or combination of it; ox brain recipe, persian food, ox brain preparation etc and still nada. i failed and resigned..:( i hope to have the energy to do the search on another day..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

dessert hunt

As part of my 'very complex beautification process' a.k.a. dieting plan, i am only allowed to eat 1 dessert a week. so it has to be the best right? good thing I stumbled upon a Dessert Comes First blog on Manila's 10 Best Desserts . So I decided that if I have to eat dessert, i will eat from that list.

My friend Earvin and I wanted to start with Sucree since it is just 2 blocks from my place. I was already picturing the daintiness of the Virginity Cake and the look of delight in our faces when it will be served to us. We thought we should walk going there to delay our gratification but to our dismay the place was closed at 5pm on a Saturday!! ayayay!!

I remembered that we had a segment before on the best chocolate cakes in Manila and Uno's (a restaurant near T. Morato and a few blocks away) Chocolate Cake made it to the list and so we walked some more and got to the restaurant's door..but where is The Cake?!! all i saw was this..

It has blueberry, walnut, oatmeal among its many ingredients. The problem with me is I don't believe in anything "All-star"..remember the movie Mars Attack!?! it has Annette Benning and Jack Nicholson and Glenn Close, SJP, Pierce Brosnan, Danni de Vito etc, etc! and it did not turn out well..this muffin screamed out Mars Attack to me!

I had a split second thought of sprinting to Amici right across it and getting a gelatto but I resigned to my fate.. probably the high heaven is telling me not to over indulge..

..and so I settled on my muffin that tasted like a dried version of a bread pudding
even the walnut and and oatmeal and whatever else on it did not compensate the
craving for the best dessert that I am supposed to have for that week.. sigh :(

Monday, June 9, 2008

an ode to the banana and other diet friendly edibles

after i lost a few (ahem!..almost 50lbs) pounds to dieting, a lot of people would ask me how i did it? to be honest..it was not easy, and it is still a continous struggle..i'm only halfway in this fight... and i did bump into some dead ends and plateaus (which i think are the hardest to hurdle). so for good karma and continued success..hehehe.. i'm sharing some diet wisdom that i picked along the way.

-banana is the best!! have this every morning and only this (as solid food) .. its high on potassium and low in salt, good for the brains and the body, high in fiber, has vit B, regulates blood pressure, and a medium banana is only 86 calories.. and don't forget to share your banana..its good for your karma...see! it rhymes! :)

- take a a glass of pineapple juice unsweetened with your banana..its 18 calories, high in vitamin C and fiber..

if you are trying to lose weight..the first rule is never allow yourself to go hungry. going hungry means losing control and eating whatever is in store..it also results to craving.

- the best way to avoid getting hungry is by drinking a lot of water.
- and by snacking nuts..hmm.. por ehemplo you had a handful of greaseless mixed nuts which is about 150-200 calories..and it already has protein and fats you need..not bad! and they are yum too!!
-then you have your meal..i'd say just be conscious of the choices ..fried or grilled, fish or pork, rice or vegetable sidings, cake or fruit dessert or maybe i can skip dessert but will have one bonggang-bongga-to-die-for slice of cake sa the weekend.
- and then burn it!! in my case, i walk..for an hour every afternoon..not the leisurely walk but walking with your arms swinging and fast enough to pump up you heart and work a little sweat...coach eddy would like me to promote his hot bod quest but i was not able to join e.. and just like oprah.. i don't endorse what i have not tried hehe!..my mindset is to take 10,000 steps in a day! that's pay back for the sedentary existence that i was enjoying for a long time.

last, do not lose the fun while losing weight.. i have my 'biggest loser' friends like princess, mage, earvin and raymond who are equally as competitive..we may never get to weighing in together and buying the biggest loser dinner but its still encouraging to see each other a little bit brixie than before as yna rrrrhhhaaayymundo sabado nights gurl would say.

photos: www.surlatable.com

Off topic

the only thing i can exchange for food (or even a date) is a good book.. so i'll die in literary heaven if i get to be in edinburgh on august!! so there! i've declared it already..i kept it to myself before but i guess i have to shout it to the world right?!! ..if you want something so much the universe will conspire to give it to you!! hahaha!! i have my ticket already!! wohoo!! book fest here i come!!

speaking of, i have finally touched jan pienkowski's haunted house in the 'flesh'..its so gorgeous!!!

i think its the only copy left in an obscure shelf in national bookstore shangri-la.. if this will not make you forget your grown up problems..i don't know what else...makes you wish you are a kid again.. well it made me wish i'm 3 again hahaha!!!

susie (scott's sis) told me about haunted house months ago and i thought i would never see a copy of it here.. i'm glad i did because it made my day!

Breaker!!! don't you just love to play!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


If you are not a Filipino you will not notice that most of our breads here are sugar or fruit flavored. Majority are sweet except for monay and pan de sal which are normally eaten with (or sometimes dipped in coffee or coke).

i am not a big fan of pan de sal only because it has lots of crumbs and i am such a messy eater. That's why dipping it in softdrinks is a good solution every time i am eating it .

I also prefer the cheap ensaimada with only margarine and sprinkled sugar on top rather than the cheese, macapuno or ube variety. I like to feel the soft pastry and the salty margarine contrast the crunch and sweetness of the sugar.

I also like my monay with ice cream.. it brings me back to my grade school years when Richelle was my best friend (she still is one of the best by the way) and we would run to the bank where our daddies used to work and a hot monay and with chocolate magnolia ice cream would be waiting for us. Those were the times when i still do not need to count calories and the concept of simple and complex sugar were only topics discussed in T.H.E classes and did not concern my body mass index.

Putok (a.k.a. star bread in some parts of the country) is a hard bread roll that burst in the middle with some sugar in its crater. It was kinda iconic while i was in U.P., specially if you tried staying in one of the dormitories (Molave has the "Putok Wall News")..probably because all the hottest gossips and the latest issues were exchanged while having Putok and Mountain Dew. By the way, it was only served as a midnight snack. Again, no concerns of how to burn it after.. totally the idea did not exist in the realm of my reality at that time. (thanks ri for the pictures)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Foodie Blog Roll

Its midnight! I should be signing out but Foodie Blog Roll is so addicting!! There's so many food ideas to forward to friends and relatives and some to keep for your own.. :)


The rules: Each player answers the questions below then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer

What was I doing ten years ago?

I went back to school in Xavier after spending 2 months in Camiguin. I weighed 107 lbs then. Knew nobody in Cagayan de Oro City. And spent most of my time watching Cheers re-runs and Oprah.

What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today:

1. Check out Samaskom Alum group in facebook
2. walk and check out sucree
3. update blog
4. read google reader.
5. greet vera happy birthday

5 Snacks I enjoy
1. lumpia ubod
2. oreo
3. pitchi-pitchi
4. feta cheese in olive oil and cracker
5. gluten free and sugar free oatmeal cookies

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Depends on what currency i am a billionaire. But hmm..probably live in the South of France, South Africa, Edinburgh and Greece not lavishly, just a simple ordinary life..blending in with the regular folks. Probably will be having my dream bed and breakfast..

Places I have lived:

Dipolog City, Cagayan De Oro City, Camiguin, Quezon City

Jobs I have had:
1. Gag writer Super Laff-in at 19
2. Italian Interpreter, don't ask me how I got this job and I do not know a single Italian word! But I got paid good money doing this.
3. Globe at 20, I forgot what position. I lasted only half a day.
4. My Uncle paid me for hmm..filing. This is good money too.

5. Best tutor in the world!!! (according to Sam)

6. Call center agent

7. Stand up Comedianne, 1 night only. 2 if I count the event that I played Tina Turner for a matron's bday party in Polo Club.

8. Headwriter for Men's room, I've been to every girlie bar and 'adult clubs' in the city.

9. Writer for a Lifestyle show

10. Headwriter for a Comedy gag show

11. Producer/writer for a women's show

12. Producer for a reality show

13. Producer for made for tv movies

I wish to retire as wife and mother.

I'm tagging:

Shahani Gania's "Riots of a Super Starlet"
Doinee "Browkowst Modern Life"
Samher's "Splurging Thoughts"
Pink Basket

* photos taken in Zambales, May 2007

mass murder

Some weeks ago, Oprah decided to avoid meat and be a 'conscious eater' . I have yet to check her online diary again on how she is doing so far. its supposed to be a cleansing diet based on the book Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston. It says that being a conscious eater is not just about eating healthy, its also about the animal lives sacrificed for your meal. If it will come down to 'to meat or not to meat' decision I have a hard time forming an opinion. I cannot argue about the nutritional benefits of eating more vegetable or how it is very effective in losing weight. But when people say we don't need meat to do this, and some will also answer that our bodies essentially need it.. I can not completely agree or disagree with either. All i know is I need meat but I can eat it in moderation, I desire meat dishes and I sometimes dream of it but I can be satisfied with a few ounces in serving.

I cannot imagine myself avoiding meat permanently though. I do not have any guilt whatsoever when I see pigs being slaughtered or cows or chickens or fish and lambs. But i put a threshold on horses, cats or dogs. Ironically, I used to have pet pigs named Alma and Christopher but they never graced our dinner table fortunately. I do remember having a very tasty BBQ with my pet chickens when I was 12, only because I never got into naming them.

During our birthdays, my yaya used to kill a chicken and makes a cross sign in our forehead out of the chicken's blood. I used to ran away because my brother said the chicken blood will turn into a wart. And I grew up in a family where throwing a party means seeing goats get their throats slit and throwing boiling water to make the shaving of their fur easier. Or men digging a pit and filling it with coal on which the whole pig screwed to huge bamboo pole from ass to mouth will be roasted.

Graphic huh? In short, our backyard (specially during fiesta) is the vegan's version of pure hell. Its mass murder!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm Big!

My friends and I one more time indulged ourselves with our perennial discussion ‘which characters are we in Sex in the City’? I am not going to make a lengthy review on the film except to say that it has its hits and misses, both in fashion and film production. But going back to the question, I thought I was Miranda and for the longest time I wanted my Steve ( I think I’ve found him *wink!)..I still have some Miranda in me i guess..I missed my Brazilian for months now..oops! too much information sorry.

But I realized, after watching the movie,
that I’m Mr. Big!!! I know who I want
and its just the 2 of us that matters above all else!!

I get so scared thinking of long time commitments but
i will get over it someday..

oh well, hopefully Big and Steve will end up together in my book..haahha!! that's so gay!!! i loveeettt!

Kiting is still laughing about the Samantha with sushi scene. Here's to the Samanthas and in case you want to replicate that scene.. a how-to on making a proper sushi..cheers!

Sinful, sinful, sinful

In my moment of weakness I found myself in a table with a Mc Donald’s (de luxe) Cheeseburger meal in front of me. Even the promise of a vegetable on it (just lettuce, sorry no tomatoes) it was the unhealthiest meal I had for weeks. I managed to left out some fries to erase my guilt to no avail.

It all started with that phone call from the British embassy that I failed to answer. And my day started to go downhill. I was so hungry by the time I managed to get out from my place

2 images struck me...
should i go Burger King
to my left or Mc Donalds
to the right!!?!

It wasn't an easy choice because i would have preferred Burger King's sandwich over McDo but it packed 200 more calories than the latter.

now i have to do some serious exercising!! i swear!!!